Nevada-first a bold new agenda

Team LaFata in a Nevada-first Agenda, Nevada's Future

The Nevada Lieutenant Governor presides over the State Senate as President, and works on behalf of Nevada to attract industry and tourism to our state.  The President role takes place during legislative sessions.  The business development role is where Nevada needs Scott as Lieutenant Governor.

Attracting new businesses and facilities across Nevada will help make Nevada-first.  This focus by the Lieutenant Governor on Nevada-first will mean better paying jobs and improved quality of life in many ways for all Nevadans.

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The Nevada-first agenda is to bring new industry and business to our state. We must must work to provide a stable and flexible environment for these new businesses, a desirable skilled labor employee pool, and a Nevada-first education system to support the business eco-system. Global business leaders will consider Nevada first. 

Our Future Economic Direction

As an experienced business consultant and entrepreneur, Scott knows that a diverse economy is necessary to balance other industries such as construction, mining and hospitality, experience demand and employment fluctuation.  

Under Scott’s globally experienced leadership we will present a high value proposition to major industries to move to Nevada. His experience communicating with Senior executives and project teams is needed to effectively influence, attract and negotiate with global organizations, to bring them to Nevada.  Among the industries he will target are:

  • Aerospace / Defense
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • 4th Industrial revolution / Artificial intelligence
  • Technology
  • Alternative energy production and product manufacturing
  • Transportation & high speed rail
  • Media: art, film, video, music
  • Automotive tier I and II
  • Supply Chain / Distribution

The fostering of new industries will increase opportunities for all Nevadans. Partnering with Nevada educational institutions will increase our workforce’s talents and skill sets to attract even more substantial business. The availability of work in these new Nevada industries would help increase wages, increase incentives for personal skills growth, and contribute to a stronger state economy for the benefit of us all.