Meet Scott

A leader with diverse experience for a bold new NevadaFirst Policy


Scott LaFata architected the NevadaFirst Policy, and will apply his international business leadership experience that can guide Nevada towards the future.  His years of experience as a business management consultant and information technology entrepreneur will offer fresh thinking and new leadership approach.

Born to the sound of a US Army bugle, he was raised in rural small town Illinois. Scott was brought up in a family of conservative veterans and public servants.  In his youth, he joined Boy Scouts of America, the NRA, earned awards in science and music, and worked part-time in the printing industry, recognized as a leader by his peers and voted “most talented” by his high school graduating class.  


Following graduation from Indiana University - Bloomington, Scott worked in leadership roles for leading businesses, MSA (Dun and Bradstreet) Software - which was the very first business app software company to go public on the stock exchange, PeopleSoft, an enterprise software company, and, global tax audit & consulting firm Deloitte, then creating his own firm in the North Georgia area, where he was welcomed into the conservative southern lifestyle.  


In these companies, he guided project teams in global 1000 corporations in aerospace-defense, automotive, transportation, industrials, including US Federal agencies to define and implement organizational and operation strategy, process improvement, and technology based solutions.  His leadership style enabled him access and support from key senior executives, boards and governmental leaders.


In the mid-2000’s, Scott’s life took a turn to southern Nevada, where he found a way to balance his life while acting as parental caregiver, especially for his father, Anthony LaFata, Jr. who lost his battle with cancer in 2014.  In his spare time, he enjoys the great Nevada outdoors as a sportsman, and is a world class trumpet player.   He founded the Trumpet players hall of fame, a non-profit, whose goal is to honor the greats, and bring better music education to young upcoming trumpet players.


Scott, a proud Republican since the age of 18, first got involved with politics from a young age in DuPage County Illinois, hanging campaign brochures, and knocking on doors delivering campaign materials for Senator Charles Percy and Ronald Reagan.  As a member of the Fulton county Georgia Republicans he worked closely with the leadership to change the state from blue to red.  A conservative thought leader to this day, quoted on many conservative media outlets, is currently a member of the NV Republican Men's Club, Clark County Central committee and serves as an elected representative on the Nevada GOP Central Committee.


LaFata has been endorsed by former Governor Guinn's family, presenting him with the Governor's own western style Nevada State seal buckle, to wear as a sign of support by the family.  Scott was also the only Lt. Governor Candidate endorsed by the Nevada Veterans Association, earned by his actions supporting Nevada Veterans in our communities. Other endorsements include former Republican Clark County Chairman, Dwight Mazzone; Goodsprings Constable Gary Rogers, and many other community leaders.


Scott will use his experience and leadership skills to help make NevadaFirst, elect candidates that support the NevadaFirst policy, and help guide the State from a constitutional conservative, pro-business standpoint.